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VAV meets Absorption Chiller

On September 2008, WST has successfully commissioned air conditioning renovation project at PT. Dian Swastatika Sentosa, Steam Power Plant, Serang, West Java. The system implemented special air conditioning technologies, such as superheated steam absorption chiller plant, draw thru chiller water pumping, and Variable Air Volume (VAV) air handling units.

The project was awarded in late 2007. Although the chiller plant is a small scale (260 TonR), it has quite challanging Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract term and conditions. Serious pinalties would have been applied not only for late construction, but also, for over/under system performance, such as maintaining room temperature within tolerance of 1 degree Celcius. This project is part of power plant effort to reduce internal electricity consumption and cutting out hydrocarbon based refrigerants.

Minimal operator intervention was required, although complete central automation was not necessary. There are desuperheating unit, which maintaining steam inlet temperature within safe range for absorption chiller, while handling unstable steam demand of steam modulating valve on chiller. Automatic hot water transfer is provided for transferring condensate from chiller to existing main tank near coal boiler, while supplying pressurized hot water supply to desuperheating unit. All air handling units has integrated control, coordinating fan speed, modulation chilled water valve, as well as filter and belt monitoring. The system is now working 24/7, and better yet, it has been guaranteed against breakdown for continuous two year operation.

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